Photo of hops being tossed into a boiler

Whyteladyes Beer

In 2018 I took up home brewing as a hobbie. It's something I've really enjoyed and I've produced a number of (if I do say so myself) rather tasty beers over the last few years, from hazy IPAs to coconut infused oatmeal milk stouts.

The name Whyteladyes comes from the road we live on. Legend has it that a ghostly coach or hay cart haunts Cookham where it slipped into a ditch down by the river and killed all the occupants. On several occasions since, a headless lady in a white dress has appeared, riding a white horse up Whyteladyes Lane.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you can follow my home-brewing adventures on Instagram.

Bottles of Whyteladyes beer